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Kyler from Texas



from Texas

Kyler is a funny and energized child. He is a very sweet, loving, and active child who bonds well and is able to differentiate with relationships. He does not like to sit still and is constantly into something or doing something. Kyler has a very active imagination. He loves playing all sorts of games on the IPad. He is knowledgeable of the strategies it takes to get to new and higher levels on games. He is able to relay the message of the story of the interactive games. Kyler sings along with songs played. He enjoys playing with blocks and is able to stack and identify colors and shapes. Kyler would like to ride a bike. He enjoys family outings to the special needs park and attending or watching family movies. Kyler spends time with independent play in the home. He has limited speech but with services he is making significant progress. Kyler is making progress on his educational goals. He is able to count items and identify colors and he has a good attention span on things that interest him.

Kyler's forever family needs to have some understanding that Kyler will always need a family's help and supervision in meeting his day to day needs. His family needs some understanding of parenting a child with medical needs. Kyler needs a family who is nurturing, and understanding of his lifelong needs but able to see the importance of encouraging him to reach his potential.

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