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La Kendria from Texas

La Kendria

La Kendria

from Texas

La Kendria is active and outgoing with peers and adults. La Kendria enjoys going shopping, going out to eat, cheerleading, and dance. She enjoys going to school and does well in school. At times she takes the parent role with other children and often acts more mature than her age. This is something she continues to work on. La Kendria is cooperative and talkative, easily speaking about her feelings and what is bothering her. She gets along with other children but is often easily annoyed. She continues to work on creating boundaries with her peers and adults. La Kendria is also working on her social skills and taking responsibility for her actions.

A family with experience will provide the best option for La Kendria. She will do well with a family who has unlimited patience and understanding. La Kendria will thrive with a family who has a structured schedule, provides clear and consistent boundaries, and lots of positive reinforcement. La Kendria would like to maintain contact with her siblings who are not a part of this adoption.

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