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Lashawndrea from Texas



from Texas

Lashawndrea is a bright child who loves to ask questions while taking in everything around her. She loves to learn new things, although she can be easily distracted at times. Lashawndrea is smart and enjoys school. She loves candy, especially chocolate. She also enjoys music, playing dolls, staying active, and experiencing activities with those close to her. Lashawndrea is open-minded and like a sponge; she listens and takes in shared advice and wisdom. She also enjoys being the center of attention and has a difficult time sharing her attention with others. Lashawndrea can become upset on occasion, but, with calm redirection, she is open and understands when things are explained in detail to her. She desires one-on-one attention and unconditional love, which she feels only a forever family can provide.

Lashawndrea has desires to be adopted by a kind and loving family. She is aware of her situation and wants to feel loved and have a sense of belonging. Lashawndrea desires a family who will be committed and nurturing; one that will provide her the one-on-one attention she longs for. Her family will need to be able to provide her with unconditional love and support and encourage her to be her best. They should be able to provide Lashawndrea a sense of security and safety in the years to come. Her family will need to offer positive reinforcement, guidance, and supervision.

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