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Lashunda from Texas



from Texas

LaShunda has a huge smile that will bring a smile to anyone's face! She is a very outgoing and talkative person; conversations with her are always interesting. LaShunda loves to be active, especially playing in sports like volleyball, cheerleading, or anything outside. When she is not enjoying the outdoors, she likes to watch Disney cartoons and movies. She also loves to play with her American Girl doll. LaShunda is a friendly child. She makes friends easily at school and at church, where she participates in the youth choir. She is very helpful at home by doing her daily chores. At school, LaShunda gives great effort in her classes. She performs best when she receives one-on-one attention from her teachers. She also does well with an educational plan tailored to her specific learning style. LaShunda craves a loving and affectionate family who will provide her with positive reinforcement, affection, and praise! Visit me at the Heart Gallery of North Texas.

LaShunda will thrive in a home with two loving parents; either a mom and a dad or two moms. She desires a family who will allow her to have her own room, but she would like siblings. LaShunda needs a family that will provide her with consistent structure, patience, and praise when she accomplishes her goals. She also needs a strong educational advocate who will encourage and strengthen her efforts at school. Most importantly, LaShunda needs a family that will welcome her unconditionally and with lots of hugs!

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