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Latavia from Texas



from Texas

Latavia enjoys life. She is very active and likes to get involved with sports, church, and summer camps. She likes basketball, riding horses, and being with her friends. Latavia has a job and is very responsible. She is outgoing and has many friends. Latavia shares a close bond with all of her siblings, who are not part of this adoption, and would like to be able to continue those relationships. She especially loves her older sister, who is the only sister she has. Latavia loves sports and riding horses. She would like to live on a ranch in the wide open. She loves nature and country music. Latavia is full of life and energy. Her bright, happy personality is contagious.

Latavia needs a family who is willing to allow her to continue to have contact with her siblings. She has four brothers and one sister that mean the world to her. She is very bonded to her sister, yet very different. They are best friends. Latavia would like to live on a ranch and have a horse of her own. She is a hard worker and would like to continue to work and attend school. She does well in a structured home that is also fun-loving and active. Latavia is looking forward to having a family of her own.

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