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Lavonte from Texas



from Texas

Lavonte loves to play sports and video games. He is very smart but does have difficulty in reading, staying on task, and following directions in school. He does well when someone believes in him and reminds him of is worth and support his dreams and decisions. He is successful with extra support at home to ensure he completes his assignments. Lavonte likes to be occupied and is always full of energy. He is also able to sit down and concentrate when needed. Lavonte understands that he has control of his future and he is willing to work hard to make all his dreams come true.

Lavonte needs a strong family who has the time to nurture and develop his social, learning, and developmental skills. He will benefit most for a family who has a strong, positive male role model and authority figure. Lavonte is a sensitive, selective, and observant child who needs a lot of attention, structure, and patience.

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