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Lee from Texas



from Texas

Lee is a friendly youth who loves to go outdoors and play in water. He also likes to color, play electronic and hand-held games, and walk around outside. Lee is diagnosed with Autism Spectrum Disorder. He loves to keep things in order and arrange things. Although Lee is non-verbal, he uses facial and hand gestures, body language, pointing, and sounds to communicate. Because Lee has no concept of danger, he requires constant supervision. He is able to go indoors and outdoors. He can feed himself and is able to use utensils. He does require assistance on occasion with daily living activities. Lee requires a great deal of attention, especially one-on-one attention. He is a fun youth to be around.

Lee will thrive in a loving and affectionate home with only one or two other children. He needs a family with plenty of patience and who has the time and effort to work with him. Lee will benefit greatly with a family who understands his medical needs. He needs to be in a highly structured home environment with consistent schedules and routines because he does not do well with change and unfamiliarity.

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