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Maryjo from Texas



from Texas

Maryjo is happy and fun to be around. She can be very polite around adults and loves to entertain others. She is funny and outgoing. Maryjo may appear quite until she feels comfortable in her surroundings. Once she is comfortable, Maryjo is talkative and expresses her opinions. She is engaging and has a wonderful sense of humor with a bright smile. Maryjo is able to communicate her own thoughts and feelings but may struggle at times communicating in a positive way. She has difficulty expressing her anger and emotions at times in a constructive way. Maryjo is helpful and tries hard to please others. She likes getting her hair done and spending time with her sisters. Maryjo enjoys going out to eat, playing outside, singing, and dancing. Maryjo has some difficulty focusing and concentrating on her school work.

Maryjo would like a family who is willing to adopt a teenager. She will do best in a family that is open, patient, and loving. She needs a family who is full of energy and not afraid to love unconditionally. A family who is experienced in parenting, persistent, resilient, tolerant, and structured is desired. Maryjo needs a family who will nurture and encourage her to become the best she can be. She would like to be the oldest child in the home and prefers just a mom or a mom and a dad where the mom is the main caregiver. Maryjo wants a family who lives in the city

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