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Montrell from Texas



from Texas

Montrell is an affectionate and friendly youth. He has life-long challenges, which keep him from completing typical every day activities. He is diagnosed with Autism Spectrum Disorder and learns at a slower rate than others his age. Montrell is non-verbal but clearly communicates in his own way his likes and dislikes. He communicates through moans, moving from side to side, and nodding. Montrell is striving daily to meet his developmental milestones and every day is a process to conquering those obstacles. He has very good physical movement. He is mostly non-responsive to interactions with others and caregivers. Montrell is able to take simple two word directions, such as "Montrell sit" and "Montrell come". He is also very inquisitive, and moves very hastily to things he has noticed and wants to know more about. Montrell has a very healthy appetite and can feed himself to a certain extent. He must be monitored as he has a tendency to overeat. Montrell participates in social services weekly.

Montrell is in need of a family who has patience and has been trained to care for a child with challenges. He needs a family who has lots of love, compassion, and a love for adventure. Montrell has a lot of love to give, so the bigger the family the better. He will also benefit from a home that has a lot of room for him to move around and explore new things.

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