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Mya from Texas



from Texas

Mya is an adventurous and outgoing youth. She loves the outdoors and going on family outings. She also loves music and her favorite thing to do in her spare time is compose and listen to music. Mya wishes that she could be the youngest female music producer. In school, Mya does really well and is interested in taking extra classes in order to graduate from high school a year early. She is very sociable and likes spending time with her friends and going shopping. Mya is goal oriented and strives to do her best to accomplish any goals she sets out to achieve. She loves receiving praise for her achievements.

Mya needs a family that will provide her with a lot of love and attention. She will thrive with a family that will provide her with structure and consistency. Mya's family will need to be able to assist her in reaching her goals. They will need to encourage and allow for her musical talents to be utilized. They need to have the ability to reinforce positive behaviors and assist her in recognizing negative behaviors so she has good decision making skills as a young adult. Mya will do well with a family that values family time and with a religious background.

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