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Rheuben from Texas



from Texas

Rueben, who likes to go by Ty, is the quiet one of the two brothers. Ty loves all things "boy". He likes to keep to himself most of the time but once he warms up to you he will not stop talking. Ty loves to play soccer. Soccer is his favorite sport. Ty also plays football and basketball. He enjoys things such as helping out around the family's farm and playing with the dogs. One of the dogs recently had puppies and Ty has loved being able to take care of the puppies and make sure they are all healthy. Ty has a huge heart and loves everyone. He really loves school and is a very intelligent young boy. Ty can sometimes have some mild issues with behavior but is overall he is very mild mannered.

Jordan and Ty are looking for a family that will adopt them together. These boys have expressed a desire to live in California, but also would be totally ok with living in Texas too. They love to swim, go on picnics, and play outside. Ty wants to play football, all day every day. Ty is very athletic and is always on the go. Jordan is also very athletic. Jordan is the oldest so he takes it upon himself to see to it that his brother is safe and protected. These two boys love being together, getting dirty, and just having fun. They share many similar interests, but also have enough different interests to keep you on your toes!

Ty needs a family who will be able to show both boys the same amount of love and support. They need a family who loves them both equally. Ty need a home that is structured, but also allows for individuality. A family who is understanding of and able to work with the boys as they deal with issues of their past, is needed. Ty needs a family who will continue to push them to be the best he can be and provide opportunities to meet his full potential. Ty does not have a preference in the make-up of the family, just as long as the parents love each other and treat each other with love and respect.

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