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Seth from Texas



from Texas

Seth is energetic, friendly, and giving. He enjoys outdoor activities such as camping and hopes to play on a football team one day. Seth is currently a Boy Scout and would love to continue with the Boy Scouts. He makes friends easily through sports and Boy Scout activities. Seth likes to be on the go and likes going to the park, watching movies, and going bowling. He loves most food, especially ranch dressing. Seth also likes animals. He has had many pets, including ducks, a lizard, cats, and dogs. Seth enjoys school and his favorite class is physical education. He receives extra support with his math and language arts. Seth can be strong minded and determined at school and needs role models to learn how to interact with teachers in a positive manner. He sometimes needs direction to comply with directives. Visit me at the The Heart Gallery of Central Texas.

Seth needs a family where he will feel secure, loved unconditionally, and accepted. The family must be active, consistent, and structured. Seth needs support, guidance, and strong boundaries. He will do best in a family with older children or no other children and needs a family who will support contact with his younger brother who is not part of this adoption.

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