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Tahteaunna from Texas



from Texas

Tahteaunna is an active and curious youth. She is very artistic and enjoys crafting! She describes herself as extroverted and energetic, and always willing to try something new. Tahteaunna can be very playful and comical, but also very sweet and thoughtful. She enjoys helping out around the house by cooking and organizing things. Tahteaunna sometimes needs reminders of what is expected of her, but she has been making improvements. She functions best in a stable and consistent environment that is also flexible and tolerant of her need to be independent and explore. Tahteaunna desires to be part of a family that loves her.

Tahteaunna's ideal family will accept her for who she is and love her unconditionally. They will be loving towards her and talk about her feelings, when needed. Tahteaunna would like a family that will play games and have fun with her. She wants a family who will help her with schoolwork and give consequences when she is not doing her best to motivate her to do better. A family is wanted that always builds on the positives and gives her praise and positive reinforcement when she shows flexibility or cooperation. Her parents should model good behavior by taking a time-out or break if conflict is worsening or not getting better. They will support Tahteaunna if she decides to take a time-out to prevent overreacting. Her family will also prioritize the things they want Tahteaunna to do and set up reasonable, age appropriate limits with consequences that can be enforced consistently.

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