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Tamia from Texas



from Texas

Tamia is a strong-minded and determined youth. She has many interests and hobbies she likes to spend time doing. Tamia enjoys skating, going to the mall, and spending time with her family. She likes to spend her afternoons watching television after she is finished with cheerleading. She loves to dance and participates in the youth group at church. On occasion, Tamia struggles with getting annoyed when interacting with some of her peers and adults. At times, she lets her emotions take control and will act before thinking. Tamia is learning to have better control of her emotions so she can respond in a more positive manner. She will admit that when she is upset, she makes poor behavioral choices. Tamia is often told she is a wonderful and bright person but some days she has to be encouraged.

Tamia will benefit from a consistent and warm environment in which she can feel secure and continue to grow and progress. She needs an environment where behavioral expectations are clear and appropriately given. Tamia will do best if she is the only girl in the home. She needs parents who are structured and will maintain a good daily routine. The ideal family will be patient and provide her with praise when she does something well and provide consistent re-direction when she breaks a rule. She would love to have a family who is active and will encourage her to participate in activities that will improve her self-esteem and social skills. Tamia has an older sister who is not part of this adoption. She stays in contact with her with phone calls or by texting her on the phone.

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