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Amya from Virginia



from Virginia

Amya is an intelligent young girl who enjoys hanging out with her friends and playing games with them. It is her friends that make her laugh, but when she needs help, she knows she can count on her teacher and her foster parents. When outside, Amya likes to find new things to do. She loves exploring nature and going on adventures. However, when she is inside she finds comfort in coloring and drawing. Of course, being inside also comes with chores. Amya has no problem cleaning the bathroom, and actually likes it, but cleaning her room is something she does not prefer to do. Amya describes herself as a smart and funny person, who loves to draw. These are things that she would like families looking to adopt to know about her, as well as the fact that she loves pets, dogs and guinea pigs the most. Her favorite food is pizza and macaroni and cheese.

As far as school, Amya enjoys math class, and while she enjoys reading, her least favorite class is comprehension. She also enjoys PE. Amya just recently made straight A's, which she is really proud of, and usually makes A-B honor roll. She hopes to become a teacher or hair stylist in the future, and wants to go wherever her friends do. She is really interested in the Mall of America though, and if she could visit any place, that would be it due to her love for shopping. Amya does enjoys sports as well, whether it’s watching or playing them. She likes to participate in gymnastics, cheerleading, and basketball and she likes to watch basketball, football, gymnastics and the Olympics. Her favorite holidays are Halloween for the trick or treating and candy, as well as Christmas, because she enjoys giving and getting gifts.

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