Susan & Andrew

Hoping to Adopt (Illinois)


Basic Info

Religion: Christian

Denomination: Lutheran


Religion: Christian

Denomination: Lutheran

Work & Education

Education: JD; BA in International Relations

Profession: Stay-at-home mom!


Education: BA in Political Science

Profession: Finance

Post-Adoption Relationship

Open (Open to contact, phone calls, in person visits before adoption. Sharing photos and letters after placement. Visits at neutral location after adoption, etc.). If you want a more closed adoption, we would honor that request as well.

Semi Open (open to an in-person visit before adoption placement, phone, email, sharing pic/letters after placement

Closed (no contact after placement)


Country: USA

State: Illinois

Us Region: Mid-western US

Parent Relationship: Married

Parent Years Together: 10 to 15 years

Parent Residency: House

Parent Pets: Yes!

Sexual Orientation: Heterosexual parents

Preferences for a child

Age: Newborn to 1 year of age

Gender: Either

Multiple Children: All

Race/Ethnicity: All

Special Needs: Open to discussion

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Adoption Service Provider

Center for Family Building