Azlynn & Jordan

Hoping to Adopt (North Carolina)


Grow In The Dark

This is a tiny tomato plant and it has been through a lot to get to this point. After this seed was planted in the ground the soil and darkness broke it apart. The first part of it's journey was spent alone in the dark. It's easy to feel like that seed especially during this dark season we are all going through. I pray for the daylight because what could possibly grow in all of this darkness? Luckily God can see in the dark and no darkness can conquer His light.  It is hard to imagine that big tomatoes will come from this tiny, little sprout. If you are like me, you like to skip to the end when the tomatoes are ready to be picked, but we have to wait. That is what God is asking us to do right now, even if we feel alone in the dark, He is with us.

From My Head To-ma-toes

Today we started our garden and are so very excited to show you everything once it starts growing and producing. Jordan is so helpful with getting the garden started and fixing my rows for me. This may be the last time I see him in the garden for the year so I had to document it lol!

Snow Day 2020

We had our first snow in February and it was absolutely beautiful! Our dogs loved running around playing in all of the snow with Jordan and I enjoyed cooking and baking all day long.