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Brandon from Alabama



from Alabama

Scotty, born July 2001 is a very intelligent, polite young man who makes friends easily. He is respectful towards adults. Scotty is an avid reader who loves fiction, mythical books and sometimes History. He is capable of being an A student, but his grades do not always reflect that. Scotty's favorite subject is Math and his least favorite is Science. He likes working on computers and aspires for a first career in the Air Force, and a second in anime character design. Scotty has asthma and uses an inhaler as needed. Scotty and his brother need a patient family who is nurturing and structured, with a strong male figure to spend time with them.

Brandon, born April 2005 is a very polite, affectionate, talkative and active boy who loves sports. His favorite sports are baseball, soccer and basketball. Brandon's favorite subject is also Math and is least favorite is Reading. He loves the color Red and he really likes hot and spicy chicken. Brandon is prescribed medication to help him stay on focus. Brandon enjoys receiving and giving compliments to others. Brandon enjoys receiving hugs. He's also known to communicate his feelings very well to others. Brandon and his brother are being recruited together and needs a structured family who is patient and nurturing.

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