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Jaden from Alabama



from Alabama

DeAndre, born July 2002 lives with his brother, Jaden in the same foster home. DeAndre loves to learn and receives special education services through his IEP. He has worked very hard in school and has made much progress. DeAndre has been an A/B student this year. He enjoys playing any sports and hopes to be a professional basketball or football player one day.

Jaden loves going to school to see his friends. Jaden is currently receiving speech and has a behavioral aid through his IEP. Jaden also works very hard in school and is making progress. Jaden enjoys playing with wrestling or superhero figures and especially loves to ride his bike. He wants to be a dirt bike rider when he grows up.

DeAndre and Jaden love to be praised and are both very lovable and affectionate children. They both like to play video games and play well together and with others. DeAndra and Jaden have so much love to give and deserve a special family who will open their hearts to them.

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