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Marque from Alabama



from Alabama

Marque is an intelligent young man, born September 2001. He has been through a lot of hardships in his life. He's witnessed all his siblings be adopted, while he is the only one who remains in care. Marque exhibits characteristics of strength and perseverance because he does not allow circumstances to determine his future outcomes. He is self-motivated and driven to achieve the goals he sets for himself. Marque does well academically, he maintains a high B average in his grades. He can excel to become a successful man in his community with the guidance of a loving and understanding parent or parents. He needs someone who understands his needs and wants. Marque wants what any average teenager wants...to hang out with his friends and have fun. However, when Marque does make bad decisions, he needs a parent or parents who are willing to work with him in finding better solutions to his problems, rather than give up on him.

***Photo courtesy of Heart Gallery

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