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Devlin from Arizona



from Arizona

Devlin is a self-identified gamer who can talk about computers and games and various techie topics for hours. As you can imagine, Devlin would love to own his own game system one day and would like a home that has great wi-fi access so he can pursue his passion and intelligence in computers and technology. Devlin loves to play games like Minecraft and Metroid but he is also looking for a family that would like to engage in fun activities with him like going shopping, swimming, going to movies and going out to eat. Devlin has never been to an amusement or water park and would really like a family that could share some real life experiences with him.

He likes to participate in family activities and is looking for a chance to be a normal kid who can hang out with friends and feel a sense of belonging in a family. Devlin says he is looking for, “Parents who will be able to listen to me, who will be respectful and patient with me. I hope that a family will take good care of me and won’t make the immediate solution to kick me out if something happens. I hope a family will work with me and help me when I forget things.” Devlin says he sometimes forgets simple tasks and needs some reminders or might need things repeated to him so he can accomplish a task or goal. He is interested in doing well and making adults proud but also realizes that he needs some help to be successful. Devlin enjoys cooking and eating healthy and would like a parent who can teach him more skills in the kitchen. Even though he is a technology junkie, Devlin would like the experience of attending a live sporting event.

He is up for any new experience and is very hopeful about his future! Devlin was born in 2001. For more information contact: Simrit Khalsa, skhalsa@arizonaschildren.org, 520-490-6976

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