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Manny from Arizona



from Arizona

Immanuelle, who goes by Manny, loves math and has aspirations of being an engineer when he grows up. Manny says he is proud of getting a certificate signed by President Obama for passing 6th grade and being smart.

He likes Legos, reading adventure books and playing sports. He loves playing video games, especially “Madden” and “Halo”. His favorite movies are the “Lego Movie” and “Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles.” Manny also enjoys watching “Family Feud” on TV.

Although he has high hopes of being an engineer when he grows up, Manny says he dreams of joining the Golden State Warriors or Denver Broncos. He would love to visit the Sports Authority Field at Mile High stadium. Manny has been working on making a three-pointer in basketball recently.

After school, Manny participates in technology club and track and really enjoys keeping busy. When he is with his friends, he likes to make jokes and play outside.

Manny was born in 2003.

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