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Ronazjha from Pennsylvania



from Pennsylvania

Ronazjha is a very outgoing and sociable young lady. She has a spunky personality and a quick-witted sense of humor that sometimes makes her wiser beyond her years. She is hoping her forever family will love to joke around and be just as clever and witty with her. Ronazjha is very smart and does well in school and has received honors. Ronazjha's favorite school subjects are math, history, and civics. She has aspiring dreams of furthering her education and has thought of becoming a lawyer, or pursuing a career in the mental health field. Ronazjha likes arts and crafts, computers, and playing video and board games. Ronazjha also loves being outside and playing sports, especially basketball. Ronazjha hopes that a family will encourage her to keep exploring her interests and that they'll also engage in the activities with her too. Ronazjha has been waiting, what seems like an eternity, for her chance to have a forever home. She has been longing for a family who will not only welcome her into their home, but into their lives with unconditional love and the individual attention that she has missed out on for so long. She just wants someone who will be there for her no matter what, even if she makes a mistake. Ronazjha wants a family who is willing to allow her to remain in contact with her siblings and connections, whether it is by phone, social media, or possibly visits. It's important to know that as much as Ronazjha wants to have these familiar connections, she wants to have a family and stability too. She wants to feel love, support, and to be able to build a future with a family. Ronazjha is legally free for adoption. For more information about Ronazjha, please contact her recruiter, Anna, at