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Amyia from Texas



from Texas

Amyia is a peace-loving sweetheart who is ready for her own family. She likes to be active and "girly-girl." Amyia loves for everyone to get along and is a die-hard friend. Her bubbly, upbeat personality is perfect for her hobbies. Amyia loves to sing, dance, and do cheerleading. She is athletic and enjoys staying fit; which is a good thing since she loves pizza, hamburgers, and tacos. Her favorite sport is shopping and she can do a marathon with her eyes closed. Her fashion sense has to compromise with her desire for comfort and convenience. Amyia loves to get her hair pressed out straight, dress up, and buy the latest fashions. She also can go for an easier, natural hair style and comfortable active clothing. She is just as sensible about her school work. Amyia does well in school, enjoys being popular and making friends. She is a sweet-natured child who rarely meets strangers. Amyia enjoys giving hugs and knows it is important to get permission to enter others' personal space. Redirection and reminders are sometimes needed. Amyia is a beautiful diamond in the rough. She has no idea of her true value. Although Amyia is lively, talented, and smart, encouraging reminders are helpful in leading her to accept her true worth. She is thoughtful and sensitive, yet she conceals her vulnerabilities behind superficial interaction, occasional cheeky and blatant behavior. Amyia is working on unlearning some behaviors. She is learning to respect the property of others and how to share. Amyia desires to know acceptable social skills, proper etiquette, and to be exposed to new activities and adventures. The potential inside of Amyia is big and bold. A forever family is the best incubator for the creative, confident, charismatic, caring and comforted Amyia to come forth and bloom.

Amyia's family will definitely be experienced in caring for adolescents who come from hard places. Her family will have excellent role models who are conscience of providing teaching opportunities in day to day life. They will see beyond the exterior and surface. Having the ability to connect with Amiya will help her heal and learn to trust. Amyia's family will provide opportunities for her to be successful through extracurricular activities. A strong female role model who is approachable, firm and affectionate and a strong male role model full of integrity will go a long way in modeling apposite fellowship within the family and in society. Amyia would like attention from her new family and would not mind being the youngest. Her older siblings will be loving, helpful and kind as Amiya is impressionable. Amyia stated that she wished she could have a "good family" and all her needs would be met. In essence she wants a loving family she can love and trust. She will do well with parents who can help her set boundaries and set standards for choosing good friends. Amyia's parents will share family values that she can take into the world and apply to her life situations. She has a strong desire to belong and fit in with a family. Amyia wants to be cared for by parents or a parent. Experienced parents are a must for Amyia as she is well skilled in orchestrating situations to produce her desired results. Support, structure, nurturing, acceptance, unconditional love, and patient understanding are mandatory for Amyia's healing. Her parents will be skilled in teaching and coaching Amyia.

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