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Dearies from Texas



from Texas

De'Aries is athletic and smart. He loves to play football and said he has been able to throw a football since before he could even walk. De'Aries does well in school and, according to him, "without really trying." He loves math. De'Aries benefits from structure and continued guidance in school situations. Although De'Aries portrays himself as a tough youth, on the inside he struggles with trying to feel good about himself. He describes himself as a loner and struggles at times in social settings. De'Aries loves to play video games. He is very knowledgeable about computers and electronic equipment. De'Aries also loves to write poetry. He says his poems are an expression of his life. Visit me at the Heart Gallery of Central Texas.

De'Aries has requested a forever home with no other children. He requires a patient family who will provide him with structure and understanding. De'Aries stated he does not do well in a crowded home with a lot of people and noises. He requires a stable environment where he feels safe and can begin to trust others. De'Aries is in need of a strong, stable family.

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