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Edward from Texas



from Texas

Edward is a happy youth who loves to be around others. He likes to help others out and will willingly do chores. Edward enjoys his involvement in the Special Olympics and likes to be outdoors and people watch. He will play with a big ball. Edward participates in a church youth group which he enjoys. He loves to laugh and have a lot of fun. Edward enjoys hugs from people and he likes verbal praises. He knows a few signs. He can separate and match items, and will trace letters. When he is upset, he can become defiant at times.

Edward needs a family who is committed to caring for him long-term. He will benefit from parents who have experience with caring for children with special needs. He needs a family who is willing to supervise him at all times. Edward will do best with a family who will assist him in his learning. He will benefit from a family who goes on outings as he loves to participate in community events. The ideal family for Edward will be affectionate and who express love openly. He requires parents that will love, hug, and care for him.

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