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Egypt from Texas



from Texas

Egypt is a child who has a big smile and a big heart to match. She is rather shy but will warm up to you after she has gotten to know you. Egypt is funny, out-going, and always willing to help others. Egypt's favorite subject in school is math. She enjoys writing and solving problems. Egypt is a self-starter, who is ambitious and willing to work hard for her achievements. She loves to listen to music alone or play with a group with his peers. Egypt wants to be a private investigator. She likes listening to people and giving feedback. Egypt wishes to use her skills for the good of all people one day. In her spare time, she likes to work out, go fishing, and hang out with her friends. She enjoys writing short stories and singing. At times, Egypt might have disagreements with her peers. When this occurs, she is able to be verbally redirected. Overall, Egypt is very respectful to others and loved by her peers. Egypt benefits from positive praise and encouragement.

Egypt will benefit from a nurturing family who can provide her with attention, love, and affection. Allowing her the opportunity to continue to participate in supportive services will be beneficial. Structure and positive redirection is necessary. A family who is willing to introduce Egypt to new things while still preserving her culture and her likes will be ideal. The family needs to have set rules in place and expect Egypt to follow those rules. A family who will continue to encourage Egypt to meet and/or exceed educational expectations. Egypt will benefit from parents who will allow her to be independent but still provide supervision, structure, and support. She will do well with other children in the home. Egypt has siblings who are not part of this adoption.

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