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Gabriel from Texas



from Texas

Gabriel is an active, good natured boy who loves playing outside, reading books, playing games, and eating snacks. He is an open and loving child. He has some challenges with being honest and at times will act physically when upset. Gabriel also has some challenges understanding the behavior of others and determining their own responses to social situations. He is very social and loves to play with other kids. He also enjoys family outings, especially ones to places outside like the park or going camping. Gabriel loves school and continues to make progress with his grades. He thrives in a structured environment with set routines as he feels most safe in a consistent environment. Gabriel needs to feel safe and secure. His home life needs to be stable, where consistent and concrete boundaries are set. Gabriel desires love from a forever family.

Gabriel needs a patient, loving, and nurturing home and family who will make him feel safe and secure. His family will need to be patient and allow Gabriel time develop a relationship with their family. The family will need to ensure he receives any services he needs. This includes being an effective advocate for his educational and supportive services needs. They need to ensure appropriate services are available as he transitions to adulthood. He needs a family to provide him supervision, praise, and encouragement. Gabriel needs a family who will love him unconditionally and be committed to all of his needs.

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