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Ian from Texas



from Texas

Ian is an energetic youth who enjoys making people laugh. He is very loving and is able to form bonds with others. He likes to play with his toy cars and loves to ride his bike. Ian also loves going on outings and enjoys family activities. Going to McDonald's for some burgers and fries is one of his favorite things to do. Ian receives services in school to help him stay on task and focused. He also receives services to help him with appropriate behaviors. Ian is currently working on expressing his thoughts and emotions in appropriate ways and also developing coping skills to help with anger management. Ian can be very spontaneous at times and act without thinking first. He also displays changes in mood. Visit me at the Heart Gallery of San Antonio.

A family who is loving, patient, and encouraging will be best for Ian. He needs parents who can keep up with the behaviors he displays and empower him to learn appropriate behaviors and ways of coping with things. Ian will thrive in a family who provides a structured and consistent home. He would like a family who spends a lot of time together doing different activities. Ian needs a family who will advocate for him in the school setting so he can get the services he needs. It will be best if the family has flexible schedules in order to be available to Ian whenever needed. Ian has an older brother with whom he is very close. He wants a family who will be supportive of him remaining in contact with his brother.

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