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Jacovian from Texas



from Texas

Jacovian is a bold and driven youth with a kind heart. He has good manners and is respectful and polite to those around him. Jacovian is very open in expressing his feelings and emotions. He is helpful and resourceful, although he may benefit from occasional encouragement. Jacovian loves participating in outdoor activities and his favorite sport is basketball. He also enjoys reading and playing video games. Jacovian can be very persistent in his desires, which shows his determination. However, this can also result in him becoming frustrated when things don't go in his favor. Jacovian is creative and full of imagination. He dreams of a better future for himself and is hopeful to find his forever family, who will provide him with the love and support he desires. Jacovian feels hopeful when things are fair and equal to all those around him. He thrives in a nurturing and structured home.

Jacovian will do best with a committed family who will provide him with patience, structure, and endless love. His family will need to be understanding and supportive with him during the transition and while he continues to process his past. They will need to provide Jacovian with clear expectations and fair consequences within the home. His family will need to offer positive reinforcement, guidance, and supervision. They should also be able to provide Jacovian with a sense of security and safety in the years to come.

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