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Johnathan from Texas



from Texas

Johnathan is a friendly and talkative youth who enjoys going out for food when given the chance. He also has his moments when he likes to just stay by himself in his room and read or watch TV. Johnathan has traditionally done well in school, specifically when he is challenged and in honors level classes. He loves to read, and you will often find him either reading or watching Anime. Johnathan is currently involved with track and cross country at school, and has participated in basketball and football in the past. He would love to play tennis. Johnathan would like to go to college and work in the field of video game development or editing, or anime creation and editing.

Johnathan will thrive in a two-parent household with a strong male role-model. His caregivers need to understand his past and provide a safe and structured environment for him. Johnathan needs boundaries and rules to help him understand appropriate behavior. He needs a loving and nurturing environment. Johnathan will do best in a family that is engaging and challenges him to go above and beyond, yet recognizes that he has moments when he refreshes his energy by being by himself.

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