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La'raven from Texas



from Texas

LaRaven Nicole, nicknamed "Ray" by her friends, is an adorable, alert and playful child. She has numerous challenges, but over time, remedial services have increased her capabilities. LaRaven shows that she loves attention by responding to your voice and then holding your hand. Eventually, LaRaven will smile and make vocal sounds to "talk" to you. She is bright and has a strong personality. LaRaven appears to enjoy listening to music, playing on the floor, and manipulating objects. She is legally blind but appears to enjoy seeing bright, various lights as she watches "Nemo" cartoons. Other times LaRaven will play with overhead toys. LaRaven enjoys sitting outdoors in her wheelchair, feeling the breeze of fresh air while sitting under trees. She seems to observe people passing by and will wave to them. LaRaven also likes to look around her colourfully decorated room and shows interest in other surroundings. LaRaven has medical needs that will continue throughout her life. Her medical diagnoses include Cerebral Palsy, congenital heart disease with only two functioning heart chambers. She requires attachment to a G-button for daily medical and nutritional needs. LaRaven will need a ventilator long term and her oxygen levels need to be maintained and monitored 24/7. Her life expectancy is normal with quality care. LaRaven participates in homebound school services which have greatly improved her limited abilities. She has learned to communicate using modified signs or gestures. LaRaven has improved her signing, now is able to manipulate toys and objects and bring them up to her mouth. Finally, LaRaven gets all excited with a big smile when she playfully rolls around in bed.

LaRaven is a child with lifelong medical needs. She needs a loving home with specially trained parents who are knowledgeable of medically fragile children. Her parents need to be trained or willing to learn how to use the following equipment: LTV 950 ventilator with portable battery supply, 4.0 Bovina Pedi Flex band trash, 24-hour oximetry monitor, blood glucose monitor and test strips, portable feeding pump, portable suction machine, nebulizer, oxygen, and ambo-bag. LaRaven can be with other children and enjoys the attention and interactions of a large and busy family. LaRaven will need constant monitoring and supervision due to her daily health issues. Finally, LaRaven's forever family may need to consider contact between LaRaven and family.

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