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Larry from Texas



from Texas

Larry is very energetic, spontaneous, and curious. He is a determined and loving youth with a sunny disposition. He loves playing video games, watching television, taking trips to the park and the playground, swimming, and playing cards. Larry utilizes resources and assistance in school to help him succeed. He participates in a specialized program focused on positive behaviors. At times, Larry benefits from motivation and assistance to help him put his best effort forward. He struggles with focusing, but continues to work on addressing this issue daily. He has been doing very well recently in school, both with behaviors and academics. He participates in supportive services and continues to make progress. Larry has a friendly and respectable personality and gets along well with others. On occasion he tends to direct the play and be uncooperative with peers. Larry loves animals and does well with household pets.

Larry will benefit from a family who will provide him with structure, consistency, and patience. He will benefit from a family that will allow him to build trust at his own pace and who is able to provide constant affection and show him love and support. His family must be willing to work with professionals to ensure that Larry receives the most appropriate services available. He responds best to loss of privileges, sitting out on activities, or being sent to his room. The utilization of coping skills he has learned is encouraged. Larry will thrive in a family who will provide a loving, safe, and nurturing environment. He needs a family who is willing to keep the lines of communication open when he is ready to discuss concerns. Larry will also benefit from a family that will provide support for his educational and developmental needs.

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