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Mercedes from Texas



from Texas

Mercedes is a friendly youth who enjoys riding her bike outside, playing games and going to the park. She is outgoing a likes making new friends. Mercedes is very active and likes to be involved in many activities. She enjoys riding her bike, playing outside, playing board games, and going to the park. Mercedes is an outgoing youth who likes making new friends. She enjoys going to the mall and getting her nails done. She is quick to receive and give affection to others. Mercedes is also a very thoughtful and considerate person towards others. She is a loving youth who craves attention and enjoys being helpful. She enjoys school but must be challenged and her attention must be held. Mercedes is strong minded, determined, and dynamic.

Mercedes would like a loving family who will show her unconditional love. She needs structure and a nurturing environment with rules and boundaries. Mercedes needs close supervision to ensure safety. She requires a great amount of consistency in disciplinary strategies. Some training in social skills is recommended to help her develop her ability to effectively establish and maintain positive peer relationships. Mercedes will benefit from an increase in appropriate interactions with adults and authority figures.

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