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Morgan from Texas



from Texas

Morgan is excited about finding a forever home where she can be herself and show off her fun personality. She is quiet at first but her outgoing personality comes out quickly. She is bright, bubbly, and social. Morgan enjoys being active in church, community, and school activities. She loves to go shopping, get her nails done, and go out to eat. Morgan enjoys school at times, and she does best when her caregiver monitors her school work and gives her a quiet and supportive space to maintain her attention. Morgan enjoys playing sports, particularly basketball, track, and volleyball. She has been on school teams and benefits from staying active. Morgan struggles with feeling like she belongs. When shown love, she responds with affection including giving gifts to family and friends. Morgan benefits from positive role models to help learn how to positively interact with peers and adults. View my video on WFAA "Wednesday's Child".

Morgan has a strong desire to be adopted. She wants to feel secure, loved unconditionally, and accepted. Morgan needs a family that is consistent and structured. Morgan's family should offer patience, support and guidance. Her family needs to be willing to explore her gifts and talents and help her excel to her fullest potential. Morgan will like a family who is humorous and can be silly while having fun. Most of all, Morgan needs a family who understands her stumbling blocks and can help her overcome them. Together, they will celebrate the milestones and use every day as a stepping stone.

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