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Nathan from Texas



from Texas

Nathan loves to laugh, play with light-up and musical toys, dance to music and spend time with his caregivers. He enjoys being outside with others to watch birds in the garden and take in the sunlight or go for a stroll in the park. Nathan is a very curious and easygoing little guy, and hardly ever is mad or upset unless he loses sight of his caregiver. Nathan is very resilient and has accomplished a lot in his short life. He was unfortunately diagnosed with several medical issues from birth and is working hard to not let that define who he is. Nathan has a chromosomal disorder that affects some of his development of his brain, heart, lungs and bones. Nathan has amazed many people in his life with what he has proven that he can overcome. Nathan has just begun to crawl, stand, and now walk in the last few months. He still needs some help with eating, and help clearing his lungs, but he is working hard with the help of his caregivers and therapists to make progress with this too. Nathan struggles to learn things as quickly as others, but often will make great progress with patience and practice. Nathan would like to find a family that can help him continue being the best version of himself that he can be.

Nathan will do best in a family where there is a full time caregiving parent who can stay with him and help with his progress at an early age. Nathan has made great progress with daily one on one attention and regular medical checkups, and ideally a family will be able to continue in this progress. His family needs to be capable and willing to handle all medical necessities for Nathan and be willing to allow some in-home care for Nathan. He learns at a slower pace than most of his peers, so a family who is understanding and patient, yet persistent will be ideal for Nathan.

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