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Randell from Texas



from Texas

Randell is an outgoing and sweet young boy who enjoys basketball, football, soccer, swimming, skateboarding, listen to music on his MP3 player, loves to dance, loves any arts and crafts projects , loves to play his PS3 or X-box, loves to play games on the computer, and loves being around his younger sibling, Brooke. Randell is very talkative and never meets a stranger. He loves to participate in family outings and loves purchasing items after receiving allowances for good behavior. Randell is placed in special educational classes and is doing fairly well in school, but at times he struggles with his comprehension. Randell's favorite subjects in school are Art and Science. Randell can cry at times or throw temper tantrums, but he is learning to control his emotions and behaviors through individual and group therapy. Randell would benefit from a one or two parent home who can give him love and support.

Randell has many good qualities and needs a sincere family to help develop them further. Randell needs a family that will be committed, a family that is predictable and loves unconditionally, and a family that is willing to teach and show him new things in life. Randell also needs a family who is positive and can provide supportive role models as this would be beneficial to him. The family should have patience and realistic expectations and goals for him, enjoy activities outside, and enjoy trying new and different things.

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