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Sean from Texas



from Texas

Sean is a very outgoing, curious, and adventures youth who really enjoys being outside. He likes working on the farm and taking care of the several farm animals. Sean also enjoys playing sports such as basketball and soccer with his peers and adult caregivers. He is in his element being outside and exploring his environment. Sean is very passionate about off-road remote control cars and likes to take them on hike and bike trails. Sean interacts with adults very well and is very respectful in conversation. He is also very gentle and loving and will freely give hugs to those whom he feels comfortable and trusts. Sean thrives in an environment with a strong positive male role model and a loving family environment. Whether doing outside activities or playing with his RC trucks, Sean's giving and gentle attitude will brighten anyone's day. He is looking to expand his bonds of love with a forever family.

The ideal forever family for Sean will be adventurous, outdoor loving, and committed. They will understand that Sean will need support as he grows and matures and will give him the freedom and love while doing so. The ideal forever family will also model positive and strong family relationships where home-life is highlighted by outside activities and family activities in a structured environment.

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