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Tameka from Texas



from Texas

Tameka is excited and very open to adoption. She enjoys music and singing songs. She likes to play jokes and make people laugh. Tameka can be quite inquisitive and curious. She loves anything that has to do with Hello Kitty! Tameka desires one on one attention and often seeks it out. Since Tameka is very curious, she needs a family who is able to devote a lot of one on one time to her. Tameka can be very loving, outgoing, comical, and a leader. She enjoys to be given responsibility, gaining trust and pleasing others. Tameka has some struggles at school and needs assistance and encouragement. She prefers to study by herself. Tameka does require a little extra help in school, but is working very hard to get back on track. Overall, Tameka is a great child who wants to be part of a family that will love and support her.

Tameka will do great with a family who can give her attention. She has not yet been given the opportunity to thrive in a home with a family that could give more focus to her. Tameka needs a family who will give her love and praise when she cooperates and provides respect. She needs caregivers to teach her life skills and lessons in a loving and caring environment. The ideal family will model good behavior and act with patience toward her. She needs to continue supportive services on a consistent basis so her family will need to make certain she receives all needed series. Tameka will do well with a family who uses rewards and praise.

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