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Trina from Texas



from Texas

Trina is a sweet and good natured youth. She is a great conversationalist and is very inquisitive. Her favorite classes in school are choir and Junior ROTC. Trina enjoys a little bit of everything including playing video games, swimming, shopping, music, and reading. Trina likes to have time to herself to do things like reading, but she also can be social and is willing to try new things. Trina is not a picky eater but likes pizza from Cici's the best. She aspires to attend college or join the military when she graduates from high school. In the educational setting, Trina utilizes support services to overcome any learning challenges. She will thrive with a structured family who can encourage appropriate coping skills and self-care. Trina truly wants a forever family and is hopeful that it will soon happen for her.

Trina needs a family who will be patient through her adjustment and will provide a structured and nurturing environment. Trina's ideal family will be strong, caring, and committed to helping her get on the right track. A family who is comfortable advocating for her educational needs is highly desired. Trina's family will take the effort to be aware of the things that cause her stress and encourage appropriate coping skills. Trina will benefit from role models who can demonstrate age appropriate behavior and peer socialization. Trina prefers older siblings but is open to families with younger or no children. She hopes to remain in the Central Texas area.

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