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Ty'n from Texas



from Texas

Ty'N is a sweet youth who is in need of a loving forever family. She is initially very shy and it takes her time to warm up to new people. Ty'N is very inquisitive and observant about her surroundings. She excited about getting involved in band and other school activities. Ty'N can be a hard worker in her school environment, but some days she needs support and encouragement in the classroom. She is becoming more social at school and making more friends. Ty'N has told her teachers that she wants to go into the army so that she can help others out. Ty'N likes indoor activities such as watching movies, singing karaoke, and playing card games. She also enjoys outdoor activities such as playing on the playground, basketball, football, and gymnastics. On the weekends Ty'n enjoys riding her bike outside. She is an avid reader and loves to tell you about the stories she is reading. Her favorite book is Diary of a Wimpy Kid. Ty'N likes animals and her favorite animal is a giraffe. Visit me at the The Heart Gallery of Central Texas.

An ideal home for Ty'N is one where the parents are involved and will spend quality time with her. She needs a family who will encourage her to express herself, but also require her to take accountability for her actions. Ty'N visits with her brother and grandmother. Her family must be open to continued contact with her brother and grandmother. Ty'N will benefit from a home that encourages activities out of the home, whether as a family or for her individually. She needs a family who will always build on the positives and give her praise and positive reinforcement. She takes time to warm up to people and needs unconditional support and encouragement. Ty'N needs structure and a consistent routine. She will thrive with a family who will celebrate her accomplishments. She needs the opportunity to participate in an extracurricular activity that will increase her self-esteem. It is important that Ty'N's forever family focus on her strengths and interests. Ty'N prefers a family that resides in Texas so she can be close to her brother and biological family here.

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