Rob & Beth

Hoping to Adopt (Michigan)


Our favorite times are celebrating birthdays, holidays and other special occasions with our families.
The best store in the world! The Legostore at Disney Springs.
We love to go swimming in the pool on vacation.
Christmas morning is always so exciting!
Our favorite place to relax...our cottage up North.
We try to go on a cruise ship once a year. It's our favorite way to travel and explore.
Museums are always fun to visit. This is a children's museum near our house.
We remodeled this cottage and now rent it out as a vacation rental. We have just started remodeling another cottage.
Rob enjoys finding new homes for his clients.
Sometimes when it's cold or rainy we like to go to a movie.
The boys love to go to Legoland when we go to Florida.
Our tandem bike. The whole family can ride together.
Beth loves to plan parties. This was the adoption party for Parker and Braxton. A very special day for all of us!
Every fall we go to the pumpkin patch to pick out our pumpkins.
One of our favorite family photos.
Beth loves her patients.
The lake by our cottage. We like to ride our boat out to the sandbar and swim.
Icecream is our favorite treat.
We all love grandma Betty (Beth's grandma). She just turned 98! Every March we spend a week in Florida with her and Beth's mom.
We enjoy taking the train or driving to Chicago for the weekend. This is an awesome playground we like to go to.