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Both our family and yours are on a journey...

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We are so grateful that you would take a "sneak peek" at our family. We're nervous about how to make a connection with someone special through a few highlights of our lives. We realize that everyone has a special story. Both our family and yours are on a journey, full of emotions and stories. We already wonder what moment you are in, how it feels, whether we can relate, and what your story is yet to become. As you ponder your moment in life and decide on placing your child for adoption, we hope to connect with you. We are not perfect, but here's our story...
Our Beginnings

I had this nagging feeling that we needed to talk. I had to know ... what were his feelings on adoption?

Cullin & Tracy 2003
Cullin and I met in Houston, Texas where we were serving for our church. We became instant friends! We made each other laugh and could talk about anything. Our friendship continued for over four years before we finally decided to date. On our first date, I knew we were going to get married. So when Cullin proposed only three weeks later it was easy to say, "Yes!"

A few weeks into our engagement, I had this nagging feeling that we needed to talk. I had to know...what were his feelings on adoption? We started talking openly about what we wanted in our family, and to my happy surprise he said he would be willing to adopt! That sealed the deal!
There is Joy

We can see in retrospect a tiny portion of the plan our Heavenly Father has for our family as our story continues to unfold.

Tanner stole our hearts when he laid down with his sister.
Cullin and I have a good life, but we have been through some tough experiences together that have taught us more than we can ever express. I am a big fan of the movie "Inside Out," which teaches us that you cannot have joy without knowing sadness. We have experienced an array of emotions as we have tried to make the best possible life for ourselves. We wanted to have many children, but slowly learned there would be an uphill battle with infertility. After years of doctors, medicine, procedures, including the ups and downs of hope and faith, then disappointment and pain, we were finally expecting our first child! The long wait made it even more exciting! But soon into the pregnancy, complications arose and we found ourselves holding a beautiful, breathing, premature little girl. She slipped in and out of our lives so fast. It was devastating. was beautiful at the same time!

A few more years of doctors brought us our son, Tanner. Our love for him overflows! He has brought so much light and life into our world. He has increased our love for our daughter in heaven as well! We delight in the joy we feel now from both our children after having felt the heavy sadness of infertility and loss. After ten years, I still cry when I talk about our little girl, Emily, but there is peace in our souls. We can see in retrospect a tiny portion of the plan our Heavenly Father has for our family as our story continues to unfold. We know we will be with her again when we leave this world.

Today we are at peace, which has finally opened the door to our adoption journey. It has been almost 17 years since I asked Cullin how he felt about adoption, but now is the right time.

"For it must needs be, that there is an opposition in all things." (2 Nephi 2:11)
Who We Are Today

Our story is not over. We have so much more to experience!

Louisiana Swamp Tour
Together, we are a pretty relaxed family. Cullin is a communication specialist at our local Sheriff's Office and Tracy is a first grade teacher. Tanner was able to be in mom's class this year - you'll have to ask him how that went! When not at work, the family loves to just hang out. We play games, barbeque a little, and watch movies.

We live in a beautiful area of Idaho with mountains, rivers, snow, and sunshine! We love to go swimming or kayaking in the river behind our house. We enjoy a little hiking and taking rides up in the mountains. Tanner wants to learn the ins-and-outs of camping this year. We enjoyed playing sports in our youth and now get to cheer Tanner on as he plays soccer, baseball, and learns to swim. We are blessed to be near some of our family, so Tanner is able to play with cousins often.

We have learned to get out and take some fun vacations together as a family. Our favorites have been Legoland, a Louisiana swamp tour, visiting grandparents, and finding as many football stadiums as we can!

Our story is not over! We have so much more to experience. We can't wait to hear your story, if you are inclined to share it, and to connect with you. We wish you peace no matter where your journey takes you.