Cullin & Tracy

Hoping to Adopt (Idaho)


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Julie Powell


Cullin and Tracy are the perfect neighbors and family. They are always up for an adventure or to help when we need it. We enjoy watching them work together in parenting. They are amazing parents and their son Tanner is one of our favorite children in the area. Together their family has been resourceful in raising the needed money for adoption, always focused on their ultimate goal of parenthood and providing the best for an additional child. With Tracy's experience in child development and Cullin's logic and simplicity, I highly recommend Tracy and Cullin as prospective adoptive parents. They will love a new child and provide a well rounded environment.

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Danielle Sherman


I LOVE Cullin and Tracy and The “Tan Man”! They are what family FUN and LOVE is all about. Cullin is an amazing father and is hard-working, dependable, unselfish, loyal, caring, funny, and a generous man and always puts his family first. He knows how to resolve any conflicts with calmness and ease. And he is really good at fixing any piece of technology! Tracy is the best mother I know. She is the definition of FUN. She is always up for any game whether it’s softball, cards, or watching a good football game-she loves playing and having fun with everyone, but especially her Tanner! She is SO good with kids. She is kind and patient to the children she teaches at school. Everyone knows and loves Mrs Sherman at school! She is crafty and is always coming up with fun new t-shirts for family reunions, or crafts for the kids to do. Most importantly she is the most kind, loving, and unselfish mother I have ever met. Watching her be a mother helps me want to be a better mom. She cherishes every moment with Tanner-ALL of it, the good, the hard, and the challenging! I would HIGHLY recommend Cullin and Tracy to be some amazing parents to your child with no hesitations.