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Timothy from Bulgaria



from Bulgaria

Timothy was born in January 2014 with a congenital CMV infection. He also has microcephaly, craniosynostosis, encephalopathy, and bilateral hip dislocation. At one month of age he was hospitalized briefly for a head injury from a fall. Timothy has significant developmental delays.

Timothy is a sweet little boy who enjoys attention and physical contact from adults and loves to be around the children in his group. He turns his head in response to sounds and coos often. Timothy recognizes familiar voices, smiling and laughing when others talk to him or when he hears musical toys. Timothy can keep his head upright when held in a caregiver’s arms and spends most of the day in a specialized chair. He can hold a toy that is placed in his hand but he does not manipulate or play with it. Timothy does not appear to understand speech and is likely unable to see. Calm and cheerful Timothy is bottle fed and sleeps well. He receives therapy for increased muscle tone in his arms and legs.

Timothy needs dedicated care and a nurturing family who is capable of handling his multiple needs.

Weight at birth: 2.6 kg Weight July 2016: 6.6 kg

Height at birth: 50 cm Height July 2016: 73.5 cm

Head circumference July 2016: 39 cm Chest circumference July 2016: 47 cm


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