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Devion from Texas



from Texas

Devion is outgoing youth with a wonderful smile. He is energetic and inquisitive. He enjoys the company of his peers and of adults. He is knowledgeable and opinionated about his interests, which are primarily music and sports. Devion is fun to be around and extroverted. He likes to dance and is very funny. Devion has exceled at sports and likes playing basketball and football. He also participates in weightlifting and boxing. Devion likes to be active and he is generally a positive youth. He responds well to one on one attention. Devion has a brother who is not part of this adoption, with whom it is important that he maintain contact. Devion has expressed that he wants a family who will listen to him and do things together. Visit me at the Heart Gallery of Central Texas.

Devion will do well in a home where he receives unconditional love and support. The family needs to set clear rules, boundaries, and expectations from the beginning and be consistent with them throughout. Devion will do best with a family who understands the loss and trauma. Devion prefers to be in a home with two parents. He will do best in a home where he feels like he is part of the family. Devion prefers to be with an active family who allows him to participate in outdoor and extracurricular activities. Devion wants to be in a home that allows him ongoing contact with his brother.

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