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Geoffrey from Texas



from Texas

Geoffrey is very soft spoken when he first meets people. He likes to be outdoors and loves playing sports, particularly football. Geoffrey also enjoys playing his Xbox. He likes to go on walks in the neighborhood and also likes to help with cooking meals in the home. Geoffrey makes good grades in school and could get even better grades if he applied himself more. Geoffrey is known for getting in trouble at home and at school when he tries to impress his friends. Geoffrey does have a history of misbehaving at times. He is quick to do what his friends ask him to do in order to impress them. He is working on finding a better group of friends and separating himself from those who have a negative peer influence on him. Geoffrey is currently receiving therapy to help him learn how to not be so easily influenced by others and improve his behavior.He is working very hard with his therapist and foster parent to learn how to make better decisions.

Geoffrey is a child who needs an active family. He loves outdoor activities and sports. Geoffrey has stated that he does not care about the race of his new family. He has also mentioned that he would rather have a single parent family with a mom. Geoffrey is used to being in a single parent household. Geoffrey stated he would like to have like to have siblings who he could look up to as good role models for him. When Geoffrey is with a large group of siblings, he often seeks attention from the group. The family will need to ensure that he continues therapy to address any ongoing concerns in the child's life. Geoffrey would need a family that is willing to set clear rules and consequences along with rewards and praise. Geoffrey tends to responds well to short term consequences with positive reinforcement. He needs parents who are understanding, patient, and loving. Geoffrey deserves a family that is 100% committed to him and is willing to support his needs.

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