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Samaria from Texas



from Texas

Samaria is a sweet youth who enjoys animals and loves listening to music. In her free time, she also enjoys reading. In school, Samaria struggles with math, but is doing well overall. At home, she benefits from daily reminders about her responsibilities and to help around the house. She responds best when she is corrected for her actions privately, rather than in front of others. Samaria has made great strides and continues to work on her social skills and developing healthy relationships with girls her age. She has hopes of being a cosmetologist when she grows up. Samaria has three younger sisters who are not part of this adoption. She is very protective of them and enjoys regular contact with them. Samaria hopes to find a forever family that will love her unconditionally.

Samaria will benefit from a family that is loving, patient, and attentive. Her home should also be very structured. Her family will be able to redirect her, but also guide her as she continues to grow and learn from her experiences. Samaria needs a family with an open communication style who is willing to express how they are feeling respectfully. Samaria's ideal forever family will be genuinely committed to her and her needs.

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