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Shaylon from Texas



from Texas

Shaylon is a bright child with an outstanding personality. Shaylon loves to talk and can easily establish rapport with anyone around her. She enjoys eating pancakes on Saturday morning with her family. She likes all types of animals and her favorite foods are chicken nuggets, corn bread and ice cream. She is in her school's music band and plays the trombone, which she is very good at. Shaylon is very energetic, so requires supervision and redirection. Her behavior can be managed with positive reinforcement. Shaylon can express herself appropriately. She loves playing with dolls, shopping for clothes, and playing dress up. She also loves to watch TV. Shaylon will be an asset to the family who adopts her.

Shaylon can do well in a single or two parent home. She needs a family that can provide her with a safe, structured, secure, nurturing permanent home as well as provide her with a sense of belonging. She will benefit from a family who can provide supervision and redirection, which includes positive reinforcement.

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