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Popular Baby Names starting with A

Name Meaning Gender Origin Similar
Aanandamayee Blissful Mother Female Indian -
Aanandaprakash Wild Wind Male Indian -
Aanandi Always Happy Woman Female Indian -
Aanandini Blissful; Joyful Female Indian -
Aanandita Purveyor of Joy Female Indian -
Aanandmayi Happy Nature Female Indian -
Aanandswarup Full Of Joy Female Assemese -
Aanandswarup Full of Joy Male Indian -
Aanav Humane Male Indian -
Aanchal Shelter Male Indian -
Aanchal Protective Shelter Female Indian -
Aandaleeb The Bulbul Bird Male Assemese -
Aandaleeb The Bulbul Bird Male Indian -
Aangsuman Sun Rays Male Indian -
Aani She was a literary woman and a poetess in Qastaniniyah. Female Arabic -
Aani Fatimah Khatoon She was a literary woman and a poetess in Qastaniniyah Female Arabic -
Aani Fatimah Khatoon She was a literary woman and a poetess in Qastaniniyah Female Muslim -
Aania Mirror Female Indian -
Aanisah Young lady, Maiden. Female Arabic -
Aanisah Young lady, Maiden Female Muslim -
Aanishka N/A Female Indian -
Aaniya N/A Female Indian -
Aanjaney Lord Hanumaan Male Indian -
Aanjaneya Son Of Anjani Male Bengali -
Aanjaneya Son Of Anjani Male Assemese -
Aanjaneya Son of Anjani Male Indian -
Aanjay Unconquerable Male Indian -
Aansh Portion Male Indian -
Aanshi God's Gift Female Indian -
Aanshika A Part Female Indian -
Aanu Full of Proud Female Indian -
Aanwika An Atom Female Indian -
Aanya Different Female Indian -
Aaoka Lustrous Female Indian -
Aapal Regard Male Indian -
Aapeksha Passion; Being Passionate Female Indian -
Aapekshaa Love Female Indian -
Aapt Trustworthy Female Bengali -
Aapt Trustworthy Male Indian -
Aapt Friend; Faithful; Trustworthy Female Indian -
Aapta N/A Female Indian -
Aapti Fulfilment Female Indian -
Aaqel / Aaqil Wise, Intelligent. Male Afghan -
Aaqib Follower Male Arabic -
Aaqib Follower Male Indian -
Aaqib Follower Male Muslim -
Aaqil Intelligent Male Arabic -
Aaqil Intelligent Male Indian -
Aaqil Intelligent Male Muslim -
Aaqilah Intelligent Female Arabic -
Aaqilah Intelligent Female Muslim -
Aaquid One who Promises; One who Seeks the Right Direction Male Indian -
Aara Adoring Female Arabic -
Aara Adoring Female Muslim -
Aaraadhak Worshipper Male Indian -
Aaraadhana Worship; prayer Female Assemese -
Aaraadhana Worship; Prayer Female Indian -
Aarab Powerful Male Indian -
Aarabhi Musical; Raaga; Famous Note Female Indian -
Aaradhak Worshipper Male Bengali -
Aaradhak Worshiper of God Male Indian -
Aaradhana Respectable; Worship; Prayer Female Indian -
Aaradhay Regard Male Indian -
Aaradhaya Regard Male Indian -
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